Sunday, October 13, 2013

Superhero Printables!

Free printables from the superhero party!

Signs for the superhero themed games we played!


Lastly, I made these certificates for all the kids and added them to their gift bags.

Photo sources for bags: Batman, Captain America, Iron Man, Superman, Thor, Wonder Woman.
Photo sources for games:  Batman, Flash, Hulk, Superman


Tamsyn @ Pink Milk and Ponies said...

Thanks so much for sharing these printables!! I used them for my boys superhero party on the weekend -

xx Tamsyn

marks lasada said...

Your son and all his friends will not know which one to choose. To add to the adventure you could put props around the party.

Arieal said...

Hi... can I know how to save/download the printable?

BBC said...

Hi Arieal! All you have to do is click on the top right corner of the PDF and you'll see a little arrow icon. Click on that and it'll take you to the PDF to download. If that doesn't work, leave me your email and I can send them to you.

Fundiya said...

i tried to download them but didnt see any option.
could you send them to


Mike Oppedisano said...

Hi there,

i tried to download them as well and didn't see any option :(
Can you email me plz at thanks so much ;)

Jenna Venditto said...

Hi!! can you email me the printables? My son's 4th birthday party is next Saturday and these are the best I've seen!!


Catalina Borbon said...


super cute idea!! I'm wondering how were you able to get the super hero printed on the paper bag? My daughter wants a super hero themed birthday party and i'll love to have those bags.


BBC said...

It was very easy Catalina! Just print out the free printables above, cut the character out and glue it to a brown paper bag! Good luck!

gisela Sanchez said...

Good evening I also tried to print the superheroes out for the bags but was unable to. My email is

Wenni Donna said...

These are amazing super hero printable ideas. I am planning to arrange a super hero party on my nephew’s birthday and searching for one of finest venue NYC. Wish to find good rental service’s where I can get supplies for this event.

FastmommyG said...

Hi - I would love to get the PDF's as well for the superhero bags. I was not able to download them either. My email is Thank you so much in advance.

UTM said...

These are fantastic, thank you!!!!

Can I ask what games you played?


BBC said...

Thank you! You can see the games here:

animalsbirds said...
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